Banner 12 Week Challenge

Challenge Registration and Individual Pre-Challenge Assessment:

Saturday 16th May 2015 between 12noon and 2:00pm at our Helensvale studio.

Each registration and one-on-one assessment takes 20 minutes. Please contact me before the day and I’ll book you into a timeslot. If you don’t make a booking beforehand, you’ll end up having to wait around. And nobody likes that.

The Pre-Challenge Assessment covers the following:

  • Beep test
  • Body measurements and weigh in
  • Body fat percentage
  • Blood pressure check
  • Plank test
  • Wall sit test
  • Nutritional plan and recipe book

The assessment gives you a clear picture of where your current fitness levels are, so we can work with you to establish your goals for the 12 weeks.

The 12 Week Challenge officially starts on Monday 18th May 2015.

What’s Included In The 12 Week Challenge

1. Full post challenge assessment:

We do exactly the same tests as you did for the Pre-Challenge Assessment, allowing you to see the results you’ve achieved over the 12 weeks.

2. You have a choice of as many group sessions as you like from Jump2it Personal Training class timetable during the challenge.

Results Guaranteed

Cost of challenge: $650

Contestants will receive continued support and motivation from trainers and fellow contestants.

“Challenging and invigorating workouts with lots of variety to reduce boredom!”

Please advise Dale (0404873863) at studio or phone to book your spot for the registration on Saturday 26th.