About These Sessions

Private consultations are comprehensive one-on-one studio sessions to assess your level of fitness and to develop nutrition and training plans to meet your exact requirements. These sessions allow both you and us to know where you are exactly, and where you need to go with your training to achieve your goals.

A lot of our clients find the information from these sessions allows them to get the absolute maximum for their investment in time in our programs.

Principle Consultant

  • Dale Warrander
    Jump2it Fitness

1 Hour Nutritional Consultation

This where we undertake a complete assessment of your current eating habits to identify areas where your food intake is less than optimal. This is vital for anyone wishing to lose weight.

  • Cost
    $ 70.00

Personalised Nutritional Plan Development

We do a nutritional assessment and put together a comprehensive, easy to follow eating plan to enable you to get to your target weight in the shortest possible time.

  • Cost
    $ 120.00

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

We perform body composition measurements (body fat, girth measurements, blood pressure and weight) as well as fitness test on either a spin bike or treadmill to give an accurate set of numbers to define your current fitness level.

  • Cost
    $ 70.00

Goal Setting and Targeted Training Program

Complete personalised training program development plus a demonstration of how to correctly perform the exercises on the studio equipment to ensure good form and minimise risk of injury.

  • Cost
    $ 140.00