“Are You A Busy Gold Coast Business Executive Who Keeps Putting Off Improving Your Personal Fitness And Getting Your Weight Under Control Simply Because You Can Never Find The Time?”

How many times have you delivered a talk to your staff on the importance of ‘work-life balance’ only to secretly realise you don’t follow your own advice? Sad, but very true.

Executive Fitness CoachingAre you one of those hard working executives and line managers so completely wrapped up in trying to handle the pressures of your daily work life that you may not even be fully aware of how stressed out you are?

However, overdosing on the pressure often leaves key executives anxious, moody and sleepless. Other symptoms of fatigue include irritability, feeling light-headed, short term memory loss and last, but certainly not least, high blood pressure.

What Stress Does To Your Life

The body changes from making adrenaline to cortisol whenever it encounters chronic stress. Adrenal burnout comes about when individuals lose their ability to produce protective cortisol and this results in fatigue and exhaustion.

You may wake up feeling exhausted even after six or more hours of sleep. You might not feel totally awake and functional until after caffeine has been consumed or later in the morning. The energy levels may then dip at some point during the afternoon; however, you may get a second wind somewhere between 6pm and 11pm and not feel tired enough to go to sleep until a much later time.  You may think you’re coping, but the truth is you’re not.

A lot of people deal with the exhaustion by using coffee, fast foods or sugar-filled snacks to self-medicate or they push themselves to work longer and harder. However, this just exacerbates the problem, affects health and increases the risk of adrenal burnout, which is among the most common hormone disorders; yet doctors rarely diagnose it.

The adrenals are basically glands that pump essential hormones to assist individuals in dealing with stress, maintaining energy, regulating fluid levels and the immune system and keeping sugar levels and blood pressure within a healthy range.

Poor diet, too much caffeine and excessive emotional or physical pressure can affect adrenal function and contribute to an imbalance in the body. However, through executive fitness coaching, individuals will learn how to make small changes that can help them to regain their zest for life and recover from burnout.

Executive fitness coaching teaches individuals that energy is finite; therefore, in order to live well, with vitality and health, it is crucial that personal energy resources are handled as best as possible.

Beating the Stress

Sugar and caffeine and are anti-energy foods. They offer a brief boost; however, they have a ‘roller coaster’ effect on blood sugar and energy levels and affect sleep patterns adversely. The restoration of normal adrenal function takes, on average, between 4 months and a year and it involves modifying lifestyle and improving diet. It is also important to reduce caffeine intake by brewing weaker coffee, alternating a coffee with drinking a glass of water, switching to tea and ultimately moving on to herbal teas.

Drinking in excess of five cups of coffee per day or needing to drink coffee in the evening or afternoon to boost energy could be an indication of a significant dependence that could contribute to placing stress on the adrenal glands.

Executive fitness coaching is designed to equip individuals with the right tools to properly deal with the pressures of life that are preventing them from becoming the best versions of themselves. Additionally, it helps them to focus on what is important and relevant to live their best lives.

“The crux of the issue is this – if you’re fit and healthy you’re going to make good business decisions. Tired, unfit executives and managers don’t make good decisions, because they’re too busy fighting to maintain alertness and focus.”

What Is Executive Fitness Coaching?

Here at Jump2it fitness we offer an exclusive executive fitness coaching program for busy people on the Gold Coast who don’t have the time to participate in group fitness training programs.

What we offer is:-

  • Full one-on-one coaching with principle Jump2it coach and owner Dale Warrander. Dale is a former Olympian and specialises in fitness coaching for business executives on the Gold Coast.
  • A full lifestyle assessment to understand where you are; and just as importantly, where the most significant improvements can be made in the time available.  We talk with you to make sure we understand your needs and requirements.
  • A personalised eating plan that is nutritionally balanced to help you detox, regain energy, lose weight and not feel continually hungry. Our eating plans are designed so you can prepare your meals ahead of time to save time.
  • Flexibility in terms of times and location for the fitness coaching.  If you have your own home gym, we can build a complete program so you can use your own equipment.
  • Regular monitoring to see how you’re going.

So why not contact us today on exec_fitness@jump2it.com.au.